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Smart Usable

OX is an ecosystem of solutions, each designed to work standalone or together, to help SMEs & F&B Establishments to start selling in minutes, grow revenue, improve experience for customers, manage inventory & invoicing hassle free & much more.

Our Edge

Seamless Experience

Ox One delivers products that seamlessly work together, providing a unified and smooth experience.

User Friendly

Our focus is on creating products that are simple to use, ensuring quick and easy adoption for everyone.

Complete Suite

Standalone or together, Ox One offers a full suite of tools and solutions designed to meet every business need.

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The all-in-one POS solution.

Get a full view of every aspect of your restaurant business with Spotlight, the complete POS management system for your restaurant that helps you manage your Staff, Customers, Payments, Pricing & Discounts, Inventory, and more.

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Full QR code ordering platform.

Simplify the ordering and payment process with Spotit, an advanced QR code-based payment solution that integrates smoothly with your existing systems. Make your guests' experience memorable & your operations efficient with seamless, contactless transactions, digital receipts, and menus.

stockflo logo
The only inventory system you need.

Optimize your business operations with Stockflo's comprehensive inventory system. Utilize an all-in-one solution to streamline your inventory, supplier, and cost management, improving your business and strengthening supplier-buyer connections.

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Licence free, curated music for you business.

Leverage the science behind music’s influence on experience and buying behavior. With Moodstream, you're not just playing music, you are strategically enhancing your guests’ experiences, ensuring each one is magical.

resaverse logo
All your booking needs in one solution.

Combine your growth with a booking platform that can meet and exceed them. From restaurants to barber shops and anything in between, master the management of your time and assets to give your customers the best service they can get.

posom logo
A digital cashier for everyone.

Posom is the easiest, fastest and most versatile digital cashier on the market. An app that streamlines your sales, from taking orders and payments to compliant invoicing without needing you to procure any additional hardware.

verinvo logo
The secure invoicing platform.

Verinvo uniquely combines the power of blockchain technology with a centrally governed system to secure & encrypt the invoicing process, ensuring transaction integrity through signature and public keys while enabling both online and offline workflows to maximise flexibility and accessibility.